HPV Vaccination - Prevention Summary Table

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green line green - headed in the right direction
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black line black - stable or non-significant change (NSC)
purple purple - indeterminate
blue blue - Healthy People 2030 target
Measure Name HPV Vaccination
Year Range 2008-2019

The percentage of adolescents who received 1+ dose, 2+ doses or 3 doses of a HPV vaccine.

Recent Summary Trend Rising
Recent Summary Trend Year Range 2015-2019
Desired Direction Rising
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Trends and Most Recent Estimates In 2019, 54.6% of females aged 13-15 years had received 2+ doses of the HPV vaccine as recommended at time of vaccine.
Healthy People 2030 Target Increase the percentage of adolescents who receive 2 or 3 doses of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine as recommended at time of vaccine to 80.00%
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Last Updated July 2021