Secondhand Smoke - Prevention Summary Table

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green line green - headed in the right direction
red line red - headed in the wrong direction
black line black - stable or non-significant change (NSC)
purple purple - indeterminate
blue blue - Healthy People 2030 target
Measure Name Secondhand Smoke Exposure Smokefree Home Rules and Workplace Laws
Year Range 1988-2018 1992-2019

The percentage of nonsmoking persons exposed to secondhand smoke. (The percentage of nonsmoking persons aged 3 years and older with a serum cotinine level greater than 0.05 ng/mL and less than or equal to 10 ng/mL.)

The percentage of respondents reporting a smokefree home rule (i.e., that smoking was not allowed anywhere in their home).

The percentage of indoor workers reporting a smokefree worksite rule (i.e., no smoking allowed in any indoor public/common or work areas).

Recent Summary Trend Falling Rising
Recent Summary Trend Year Range 2013-2018 2014-2019
Desired Direction Falling Rising
Summary Graph Summary graph for Secondhand Smoke Exposure, Click to see detailed view of graph Summary graph for Smokefree Home Rules and Workplace Laws, Click to see detailed view of graph
Trends and Most Recent Estimates In 2017/2018, the estimate of persons aged 3 years and older currently exposed to SHS is 25.8%. In 2018/2019, of adults aged 18 years and older reported a smokefree home rule.
Healthy People 2030 Target Reduce the proportion of people who don't smoke but are exposed to secondhand smoke to 17.3%. Increase the proportion of smokefree homes to 92.9%.
More Information Secondhand Smoke Exposure Smokefree Home Rules and Workplace Laws
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