Summary Tables

The tables in this section summarize the measures that are described at greater length in the body of this report. A graph, which addresses two questions, is included for most measures:

  1. Is the trend moving in the desired direction?
    • A graph shows the trend direction for the measure. The desired trend direction is shown above the graph.
    • Each line in the graph is coded by color to indicate whether the trend is:
      green line green - headed in the right direction
      red line red - headed in the wrong direction
      black line black - stable or non-significant change (NSC)
      purple purple - indeterminate
      blue blue - Healthy People 2030 target
  2. adult smoking trend graph example How does the nation's progress compare to the Healthy People 2030 target?

    Not all measures have an associated Healthy People 2030 target. When there is a target for a specific measure, it is shown by a solid blue horizontal line labeled “Healthy People 2030 target”.

    The example graph demonstrates the Adult Smoking trend, which is heading in the right direction (green line) toward the Healthy People 2030 target (solid blue horizontal line).